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 Chinese Songs – Lyric – MV – YouTube – Jay Chou - Tong Yi Zhong Diao Diao (Same Kind of Tune) 

Artist: Jay Chou

Title: Tong Yi Zhong Diao Diao (Same Kind of Tune)

Album: Ye Hui Mei葉惠美(KTV)

  I’ve always like tango.  I hope you like this song as much as I do. Tong Yi Zhong Diao Diao (Same Kind of Tune) is the 7th song in the Album, Ye Hui Mei (Yè Huìměi), which was released on July 31, 2003.  This is Jay’s 4th album.  The songs in this album are performed in Mandarin.  

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  Chinese Songs – Lyric – MV – YouTube – Jay Chou - Tong Yi Zhong Diao Diao (Same Kind of Tune) 

LYRIC SOURCE: http://www.jay-chou.net/lyrics_view.php?a_id=5&s_id=7

同一種調調 | Tong Yi Zhong Diao Diao | The Same Kind of Tune

: 周杰倫
Qu: Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou

Ci: Fang Wen Shan
Lyrics: Vincent Fang

LYRIC SOURCE: www.jay-chou.net

全身純白色的那雕像石膏 顏色乾淨沒有壓力的很討好
quan shen chun bai se de na diao xiang shi gao yan
se gan jing mei you ya li de hen tao hao
That carved stone statue of pure white, the clarity of the stressless colour is luring

我坐在客廳模仿雕像思考 卻彷彿聽到同樣想法的困擾
wo zuo zai ke ting mo fang diao xiang si kao que pang fu ting dao tong yang xiang fa de kun rao
I sit in the living room and posed as the statue, I can almost hear the same thoughts and troubles in the forest of pine needles

針葉林樹梢 穿過綠色隧道 一股神秘在敲
zhen ye lin shu shao chuan guo luu se sui dao yi gu shen mi zai qiao
Passing through a votex of green, a force of mystery slowly knocks

我們都擁有著 相同的大腦 一樣的嗜好
wo men dou yong you zhao xiang tong de da nao yi yang de shi hao
All of us contain the same brains, with the same personalities

門上流蘇線條在搖晃炫耀 但是如果沒有風它也辦不到
men shang liu su xian tiao zai yao huang xuan yao dan shi ru guo mei you feng ta ye ban bu dao
The strings falling from the door sway and radiate but without the wind they can only stand still

我知道共同的默契很重要 那驕傲才不會寂寞的很無聊
wo zhi dao gong tong de mo qi hen zhong yao na jiao ao cai bu hui ji mo de hen wu liao
I know having the same mind is significant, so the arrogance will not be dulled in solitude the framed fortress

畫框的城堡 很歐洲的情調 對著這張海報
hua kuang de cheng bao hen ou zhou de qing diao dui zhao zhe zhang hai bao
With a very European atmostphere, facing this same poster, from miles away

我們在遠距離 欣賞與微笑
wo men zai yuan ju li xin shang yu wei xiao
We are smiling together

默契無法偽造 我們同一種調調
mo qi wu fa wei zao wo men tong yi zhong diao diao
Synchronicity cannot be faked, we have the same kind of tune

不關心天氣預報 因為那無關緊要
bu guan xin tian qi yu bao yin wei na wu guan jin yao
Never mind the weather report because that is irrelevant

想打球下大雨照跳 只收看音樂頻道
xiang da qiu xia da yu zhao tiao zhi shou kan yin yue pin dao
The rain will not stop us from balling and we only listen to music channels

渴望在天空一角 做記號 那裡藍色最好 我很了
ke wang zai tian kong yi jiao zuo ji hao na li lan se zui hao wo hen le
Hoping that in a corner of the sky, we can leave our marks best if it was blue there

默契無法偽造 我們同一種調調
mo qi wu fa wei zao wo men tong yi zhong diao diao
Sychronicity cannot be fake, we have the same kind of tune

凡事都自己主導 決定穿什麼外套
fan shi dou zi ji zhu dao jue ding chuan shen me wai tao
We rely on ourselves for everything, deciding what jacket to wear

有專屬的鈴聲訊號 從不跟別人比較
you zhuan shu de ling sheng xun hao cong bu gen bie ren bi jiao
We have our own belts of signal and never compare it with others

只喝冰過的飲料 很少笑 吃全麥的麵包
zhi he bing guo de yin liao hen shao xiao chi quan mai de mian bao
We only drink iced beverages, we laugh very little nad eat whole wheat bread

快瘋掉 情緒偏離軌道 快瘋掉 我睡不著
kuai feng diao qing xu pian li gui dao kuai feng diao wo shui bu zhao
Nearly going crazy, my mood sways from the track, nearly out of my mind, I cannot fall asleep

快瘋掉 表情開我玩笑 快瘋掉 我受不了
kuai feng diao biao qing kai wo wan xiao kuai feng diao wo shou bu le
Nearly going crazy, emotions mock me, nearly out of my mind, I can’t take it anymore

這樣也好 如果身份對調 我的煩惱
zhe yang ye hao ru guo shen fen dui diao wo de fan nao
Perhaps this is better, if our identities switch, my troubles

ni ye hui gan tong shen shou de zhi dao
You will also feel completely bored and annoyed

悶悶的很乾燥 快瘋掉 快瘋掉
men men de hen gan zao kuai feng diao kuai feng diao
Nearly going crazy, going out of my mind






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